AI-driven Digital Marketing :

Defective parts or products can lead to serious liability issues, shorter product life spans, safety concerns, recalls, and additional costs.

Applications :

AI-Mastries vision systems and AI help medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers with quality control via automated inspection. LandingLens offers a standardized deep learning solution platform that improves inspection accuracy, reduces development time, and allows companies to easily scale projects to multiple facilities.

Pill Inspection :

Prior to being placed into bottles and other containers, tablets and capsules must be inspected for defects and abnormalities such as cross-contamination, broken pills, and incorrect pills. AI-Mastries vision systems have long helped with such visual inspection tasks, but deep learning software can improve inspection accuracy of such systems. It can inspect large numbers of products and devices, since it is trained on images of defective and non-defective material.

Vial Counting :

AI-Mastries vision technology can automate the process of vial counting, saving time and removing the risks involved with human error, such as misplaced or missing vials and subsequent recalls. AI-Mastries vision systems have visual counting capabilities, but deep learning software such as LandingLens provides a secondary layer of protection to ensure the correct number of vials and that they do not have defects.

Medical Kit Inspection :

The medical kit inspection can be challenging particularly in transparent packaging with its flexible variations of appearance. LandingLens ensures your medical kits reach patients safely, with robust visual inspection methods including assembly verification and seal inspections for packages of all shapes, sizes, and levels of transparency.

Vial Contamination Inspection :

Vials and syringes must be thoroughly inspected prior to being sent out, as contaminants in these containers can mean the difference between life and death. Vials and syringes must also be inspected for defects such as cracks to avoid potential safety problems, not to mention recalls, lost revenue, and damaged customer relationships. AI-Mastries vision technology can help with vial and syringe inspection, but rules-based algorithms might struggle with the various defect types and false positives caused by issues like transparency and reflections. LandingLens software allows teams to build reliable AI models, automating processes that were previously considered impossible to automate.